28 febrero, 2019
12:30 pma1:30 pm

Speaker: Juan de Dios Moreno Ternero (Universidad Pablo de Olavide de Sevilla)

Title: “A family of rules to share the revenues from broadcasting sport events”

Date: jueves 28 de enero, 12:30 horas.

Localication: Sala de seminarios del CIO (Edificio Torretamarit).

Abstract. We consider the problem of sharing the revenues from broadcasting sport league events, introduced by Bergantiños and Moreno-Ternero (2019). We characterize a family of rules compromising between two focal and somewhat polar rules: the equal-split rule and concede-and-divide. The characterization only makes use of three basic axioms: equal treatment of equalsadditivity and maximum aspirations. We also show further interesting features of the family: (i) if we allow teams to vote for any rule within the family, then a majority voting equilibrium exists; (ii) the rules within the family yield outcomes that are fully ranked according to the Lorenz dominance criterion; (iii) the family provides rationale for existing schemes in real-life situations.