Conferencia de Magdalena Kapelko

11 julio, 2017
10:00 ama12:00 pm

Title: Measuring Productivity Change Accounting for Adjustment Costs: Evidence from the Food Industry in the European Union

Speaker: Magdalena Kapelko, Wroclaw University of Economics, Institute of Applied Mathematics, Department of Logistics

Date: 11/07/2017, 10:00h

Location: Sala de Seminarios (Edificio Torretamarit), Universidad Miguel Hernández (Campus de Elche) 

Abstract: This paper extends the measurement of dynamic productivity change over time to provide its full decomposition into economically meaningful components in the Data Envelopment Analysis framework. The dynamic approach accounts for dynamics of production decisions via adjustment costs and is visualized as a dynamic Luenberger productivity change indicator. The paper also estimates the dynamic productivity change and its components for a large dataset of European food companies from 2004 till 2012, grouped into Eastern, Southern, and Western regions. The study reveals three main results. First, the overall trend of dynamic technical regress and positive dynamic technical inefficiency change across almost all regions and sectors was found. Second, some differences for this general pattern were found for the bakery industry and for Eastern European firms. Thirdly, there are also some remarkable changes in indicators observed during the periods related to the financial crisis and the volatility of agricultural commodity prices.

Conferencia de Gloria Fiestras-Janeiro

18 julio, 2017
12:30 pma1:30 pm

Título: Algunos valores para juegos TU como funciones de particiones

Ponente: Gloria Fiestras-Janeiro, Universidad de Vigo

Fecha: 18/07/2017, 12:30h

Lugar: Sala de Seminarios (Edificio Torretamarit), Universidad Miguel Hernández (Campus de Elche) 

Resumen:  Los juegos TU como funciones de particiones son estructuras apropiadas para modelizar las ganancias/costes de una coalición teniendo en cuenta como se organizan el resto de los jugadores. En esta charla revisaremos algunos valores propuestos en la literatura, centrándonos en sus propiedades. En particular, revisaremos el valor de Myerson (Myerson 1977), el valor de Bolger (Bolger 1989), el valor libre de externalidades (de Clippel y Serrano 2008; Do and Norde 2007) y el valor de McQuillin (2009).


Conferencia de Priscila Lopes

Title: Small-scale fisheries in Brazil: a not-so-invisible problem

Speaker: Priscila Lopes, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Natal (Brazil)

Date: 16/06/2017, 12:00h

 Location: Sala de Seminarios (Edificio Torretamarit), Universidad Miguel Hernández (Campus de Elche)



Brazil is proportionally a relatively unimportant player in the world fisheries scenario. However, small-scale fisheries (SSF) specifically are crucial for local livelihoods and the food security of millions of people, both on the coast and inland. Such fisheries provide more than 50% of the total Brazilian catches, suggesting that they can be highly impacting on the local ecosystems, especially on vulnerable ones, such as coastal reefs. Despite having some preferential target species, SSF is highly diverse and adaptive, depending on the environment, but also on the socioeconomic context. For being mostly coastal and exploiting shallow waters, many of the stocks targeted cannot undergo intensive fishing pressure, which have put many key species in a vulnerable situation, with some of them being locally extinct already. Topping up the problem, Brazil does not have a fishery statistical program since 2011, and has been cutting research funding continuously since 2014. To partially overcome the limitations, we have been developing alternative, affordable and reliable tools to collect and reconstruct fishing data, usually with the support of fishers. As there is official interest in managing such fisheries either, we have to stimulate and count on participatory initiatives to implement management as well and to understand, counterbalance or adjust, when necessary, the general impacts of development projects and of protected areas.

Conferencia Prof. Abderrahim Hantoute

Title: A convex approach to differential inclusions with prox-regular sets

Speaker: Dr. Abderrahim Hantoute, Center for Mathematical Modeling, University of Chile

Date: 13/06/2017, 18:30h

Location: Sala de Seminarios (Edificio Torretamarit)

Abstract: We study the existence and stability of the solutions for differential inclusions governed by the normal cone to a prox-regular set and subject to a Lipschitz perturbation. We prove that such apparently more general systems can be indeed remodeled into the classical theory of differential inclusions involving maximal monotone operators. This result permits us to make use of the rich and abundant achievements in this class of monotone operators to derive the desired existence result and stability analysis, as well as the continuity and differentiability properties of the solutions. This going back and forth between these two kinds of differential inclusions is made possible thanks to a viability result for maximal monotone operators. This is a joint work with S. Adly and Bao Tran Nguyen.

Conferencia del Prof. Joaquín Martínez

Título: Aplicaciones de modelos jerárquicos bayesianos en Epidemiología en Plantas

Ponente: Joaquín Martínez Minaya (Universitat de València)

Fecha: 16/06/2017, 11:30h

Lugar: Sala de seminarios, Edificio Torretamarit, Universidad Miguel Hernández (Campus de Elche)


En los últimos años, el uso de modelos estadísticos complejos en disciplinas como la Epidemiología en plantas ha aumentado con el objetivo de ayudarnos a entender el comportamiento de las enfermedades en este ámbito. La dificultad que presentan algunos de estos modelos hace difícil tanto el proceso de estimación como el de predicción. Los modelos jerárquicos bayesianos parecen una buena alternativa para abordar este tipo de problemas y están basados principalmente en la premisa de que ambos, información e incertidumbre se pueden expresar en términos de distribuciones de probabilidad. En esta charla, presentamos modelizaciones para el estudio de algunas enfermedades en plantas, como son la mancha negra de los cítricos o la mancha foliar del caqui.

Conferencia Prof. Gabriela Sicilia

Título: “Differences in teachers’ efficiency: evidence for Spain”

Ponente: Gabriela Sicilia (UAM)

Fecha: 07/06/2017, 12:00h

Lugar: Sala de seminarios, Edificio Torretamarit, Universidad Miguel Hernández (Campus de Elche)


This research contributes to the ongoing debate about differences in teachers’ performance. We introduce a new methodology that combine production frontier and impact evaluation insights that allows using DEA as an identification strategy of a treatment with high and low quality teachers within schools to assess their performance. We use a unique database in Spain that supplies information on two classrooms at 4th grade in primary education, where students and teachers were randomly assigned into the two classrooms at each school. We find considerable differences in teachers’ efficiency across schools and also significant effects on students’ achievement. In line with previous findings, we find that neither teacher experience nor academic training explains teachers’ efficiency. Conversely, being a female teacher, having worked five or more years in the same school, repeating a second year with the same group or having smaller class sizes positively affects the efficiency of teachers.