Seminar of Sebastián Lozano

10 October, 2019
12:30 pma1:30 pm

Speaker: Sebastián Lozano (University of Sevilla)

Title: “DEA analysis of network processes (Network DEA): Models and applications”

Date: Thursday, October 10, 12:30 a.m.

Localication: CIO Seminar Room (Torretamarit Building)

Abstract. Conventional data wrap analysis (DEA) considers the production process as a black box, that is, as a unique process that performs the transformation of inputs into outputs. There are, however, DEA approaches that open that box and distinguish within it different threads, each with its own inputs and outputs, and usually with intermediate product flows between the threads. A fundamental characteristic, then, of this type of Network DEA (NDEA) approaches is that each thread has its own technology. DEA models, both multiplier and envelope type, can be formulated for these types of situations. There are variants regarding the notation used as well as the treatment of intermediate products. There are radial approaches, directional distance function (DDF), Network SBM, etc. You can also consider shared inputs and undesirable outputs. With regard to applications, these are numerous and range from the transport sector to the banking sector, hotel sector, sports, etc.