Alejandro Bia Platas

Research Group: Knowledge Engineering and Data Analysis
Telephone: +34 966 658 973
Office: 1.23 – Ed. Torretamarit – Campus of Elche
Personal Website at UMH
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• Máster in Computing and Information Systems (MCIS). ORT University. Uruguay, 1996.
• Diploma in Computing and Information Systems (DCIS). University of Oxford, 1995.
• Software Engineer, ORT University. Uruguay, 1994.

PhD Degree: PhD in Computer Science at University of Alicante. (Advisors: Jaime Gómez Ortega and Rafael Muñoz Guillena)

Postdoctoral positions:
• Scholarship. University of Westminster. London, 2004
• Scholarship. Sheffield Hallam University. England, 1998
• MUTIS Fellow. Spanish Agency of International Cooperation. 1997-1999
• IBM Scholarship for advanced studies on operating systems. 1991

Current Position: Profesor Contratado Doctor of Department of Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Science.

Research Fields: Knowledge Engineering and Data Mining, Libraries and Digital Humanities, Engineering Documents.

Representative Publications:
• A. Bia, R. Muñoz, J. Gómez. “DiCoMo: The Digitization Cost Model”. International Journal on Digital Libraries, 11(2), 141-153, (2011)
• A. Bia, R. Muñoz, J. Gómez. “Using Mind Maps to Model Semistructured Documents”. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6273, 421-424, (2010)
• J. Gómez , A. Bia, A. Párraga. “Tool Support for Model-Driven Development of Web Applications”. Int. J. of Information Technology and Web Engineering, 2(3), 65-78, (2007)
• A. Bia, J. Gómez. “UML for Document Modeling: Designing Document Structures for Massive and Systematic Production of XML-based Web Contents”. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3713, 648-660, (2005)
• A. Bia. “Alopex-B: A New, Simpler, but yet Faster Version of the Alopex Training Algorithm”. International Journal of Neural Systems, 11(6), 497-507, (2001)