Javier Morales Socuéllamos

Javier Morales Socuéllamos

Research Group: Statistical Applications in Modeling and Forecasting
Phone: +34 966 658 961
E-mail: j.morales@umh.es
Office: 1.23– Ed. Torrepinet – Campus of Elche
Personal Website at UMH
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Degree: Degree in Mathematics. University of Valencia. January, 1994.

PhD Degree: PhD in Mathematics. University of Valencia. July, 2002. (Advisor: Mª Jesús Bayarri García)

Previous positions: Research Fellowship F.P.I. University of Valencia. (1995-1997)

Current Position: Associate Professor at Department of Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Science.

Research Fields: Bayesian Statistics, Spatial Statistical Modeling, Statistical Modeling for Prospective Studies.

Representative Publications:
• Galvez-Sola, L.,Morales, J.,Mayoral, A.M.,Paredes, C.,Bustamante, M.A.,Marhuenda-Egea, F.C.,Barber, X.,Moral, R. Estimation of parameters in sewage sludge by near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) using several regression tools. TALANTA (2013).
• Torrecillas, C.,Martínez-Sabater, E.,Gálvez-Sola, L.,Agullo, E.,Pérez-Espinosa, A.,Morales, J.,Mayoral, A.M.,Moral, R. Study of the Organic Fraction in Biosolids. COMMUNICATIONS IN SOIL SCIENCE AND PLANT ANALYSIS. (2013).
• Galvez-Sola, L., Morales, J., Mayoral, A.M., Marhuenda-Egea, F.C., Martinez-Sabater, E., Perez-Murcia, M.D., Bustamante, M.A., Paredes, C., Moral, R. Estimation of phosphorus content and dynamics during composting: Use of near infrared spectroscopy. Chemosphere 78( 1), 13-21. (2010)
• M.A. Bustamante, C. Paredes, J. Morales, A.M. Mayoral, R. Moral “Study of the composting process of winery and distillery wastes using multivariate techniques. Bioresource Technology 100(20), 4766-4772.(2009).
• V.Arcenegui, C. Guerrero, J. Mataix-Solera, J.Mataix-Beneyto, R.Zornoza, J. Morales, A. M. Mayoral “The presence of ash as an interference factor in the estimation of the maximum temperatures reached on burned soils using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR)”. Catena, 74, 177-184. (2008).