Success Cases

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ayuntamiento-de-elcheElche City Council
used the statistical analysis developed by the CIO on the persistence of insecticides and extent of the red palm weevil infestation in the Palm Grove of Elche.

CIO services used to assess the economic and environmental impact of the route of the AVE in the province.

riegos-de-levanteRIEGOS DE LEVANTE
 implemented a program developed by the CIO for planning and optimal irrigation scheduling sequencing software. Reliably organized the distribution of resources by increasing productivity and decreasing costs of overexploitation.

INEThe National Statistics Institute (INE)
hired the CIO for the development of model-based and its application to the INE survey estimators.

clinica-vistahermosa-miniThe Alicante Vistahermosa Clinic
CIO hired researchers to develop the first simulator intracytoplasmic sperm.