Doctoral Program in Statistics, Optimization and Applied Mathematics

The interest of this new Doctoral Program for society lies in the fact that scientists and researchers are trained with the analytical capacity of information and its treatment, to carry out the optimization of complex systems using the most advanced techniques of Statistics, Operational Research and Mathematical Modeling.

Therefore, the potential incorporation of these researchers in the industrial fabric of the closest environment (footwear, textiles, toys, furniture, agriculture, etc.), or in other industrial sectors or services, both in Spain and in the rest of the world (since our expectations are that around 50% of our students are foreigners) can make a decisive contribution to improving efficiency and optimizing processes that contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the companies for which they work. This can be decisive for the survival of a company in a globalized economy like the current one, taking into account, in addition, the moment of global crisis that we are going through.

The lines of research that are currently being carried out are:


Director: Sánchez Soriano, Joaquín   —   —   +34 96 665 8539   —   +34 96 665 8572


Doctoral Program in Interuniversity Economics

The DEcIDE Program is an Interuniversity Doctorate program in Economics, inaugurated in the 2013-2014 academic year and verified by the ANECA, in which doctors from five universities participate: the University of Murcia, which has the role of coordinator, the University of Alicante , the Miguel Hernández University, the National University of Distance Education and the Polytechnic University of Cartagena.

This program is born from the desire of a large group of researchers to join forces, fields of specialization and academic rigor, with the purpose that the doctoral students acquire a contrasted qualification in the selected research line, elaborating thesis of quality that give rise to publications of first level. It has researchers whose curriculum makes them worthy of recognition as highly prestigious specialists in their respective areas. It is currently composed of a total of 63 doctors belonging to the 5 participating universities.

Director: Meca Martínez, Ana   —   —   +34 966658717