Ayuntamiento de Elche


Elche City Council signed an agreement with the Miguel Hernández University of Elche in 2006 to develop and implement a statistical analysis on the persistence of insecticides and the data about the extension of red palm weevil pest in the Palm Grove of Elche, in order to eradicate and control this disease, promoting and developing technological R&D actions. The Center of Operations Research (CIO) participated in this convention implementing and validating a statistical model on the effectiveness of concentration and persistence of insecticides used to control this disease.

This study was completed with a detailed study of the evolution of the plague in one of the outbreaks detected in 2004-2005 by developing a geographic information system and its further analysis using spatial statistical techniques. The inclusion of experts in Statistics was vital in the analysis of the data and the reduction of the expected time needed in the generation of the final reports.

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