La Cámara de Comercio de Alicante

In order to decide the layout of the Madrid – Castilla La Mancha – Comunidad Valenciana – Murcia Region high-speed line, the Ministry of Development carried out a study. The Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Alicante hired the CIO to carry out an alternative study of the socioeconomic impact for the province of Alicante of the different routes of the high-speed train.

An economic and profitability analysis of the alternative routes was also carried out. Predictions of the demand of travelers in the different modes of transport were given, with special emphasis on the journeys Madrid – Valencia, Madrid – Alicante, Albacete – Valencia and Albacete – Alicante. An opinion sampling was carried out among the Alicante business community to complement the study.

The final objective of the work was to establish solid arguments about the suitability of the different routes proposed by the Ministry of Development for the high-speed train.

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