Comunidad Riegos de Levante


Irrigation The irrigation community Levante left bank of the Segura, is since 2004 engaged in a project for improvement and modernization of irrigation which consists in transforming the traditional irrigation system in a modern irrigation. The savings in water use allows an improvement of crop productivity estimated at around 25%. The work of the CIO has been to design a mathematical model with the appropriate software application that allows you to allocate more than 2400 irrigators (work already performed) irrigation in different shifts, so as to ensure consumer needs water. Additionally, each irrigator guarantees a minimum operating pressure not exceeding a maximum pressure in the network stipulated by technical reasons.

The mathematical algorithm developed was awarded for the largest professional association of Industrial Engineering (IIE, The Global Association of Productivity & Efficiency Professionals) as a better job of logistics and sequencing application in 2008.

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