El Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE)


The Spanish National Statistics Institut (INE) firm and agreement with the University of Miguel Hernández of Elche to collaborate on conducting research in estimators on small areas and their application to several surveys of the Spanish National Statistics Institute related to homes. In addition, CIO developed specific software customized to statistics as well as its user manual.

This contract was into force from 2004 to 2008 and researchers of CIO carried out researches based on the estimation on small areas theory taking into account several variables like unemployment rates or employment rates distinguishing from male and female sexes in Spanish small areas called ‘comarcas`. CIO carried out a survey of the possibility of the implementation of CALJACK software, developed by the Canadian Statistic Office.

Furthermore, CIO developed and implemented specific software called SAS and its user manual, as well as the translation and checking of the user manual of the computer programme called EURAREA, adapting it to the INE´s surveys. Finally, CIO conducted an audit in order to verify and monitor the results and problems found during the development of these works, drawing up a list of recommendations.

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